Why choose a private tour?

Private tours offer many advantages over regular tours. The biggest advantage is that you have your own privacy, and are able to change the tour to suit your desires and needs.. You don’t have to feel stressed or restricted by strict time limits or by other people.

You can ask to stop at any time, and are able to visit places that other tourists do not go to. Also, the private tour experience is more intimate and friendly, because there is two-way communication. The guide is able to talk with you personally, and can make sure that you understand the information that he or she is giving to you (and whether you find it interesting or not!). This is a very different experience to when a tour guide talks into a microphone on a bus with many people, which is a one-way communication situation.

With a private charter tour and a smaller vehicle, we are also able to stop more frequently, and park in smaller spaces, so that you are able to enjoy better views and take more photos than people on a regular tour!

Scene-A-Roo offers you a professional and informed guide who will drive you safely to wherever you choose to go. The prices  for private tours are for a guide and vehicle, including fuel and road toll costs. All other costs, such as meals, admission fees and activities, are not included.

We have listed several popular destinations and suggestions for itineraries, but you are free to design your own private tour, and to go anywhere you like! We can even take you on multiple day tours to anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and Perth. Please contact us if you are interested in longer private tours.